Things That Make Me Happy

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “Nanak Dukhiyan Sab Sansaar” – this whole world is ridden with sorrow. Most people in the world are unable to seize happiness and end up being depressed throughout their life. Some are miserable because of their health conditions, some are miserable because of the confinement imposed on them by the society, whilst most others are dispirited due to the inability to possess the flashy materialistic things. High expectations often lead to disappointed individuals.
No one seems to be satisfied irrespective of the social stature, i.e. be it a  billionaire or a poverty-stricken, both disgruntled. We are unable to see past our expectations, our desires, and end up neglecting the importance of being happy despite our grievances.
In a world full of people deprived of happiness, I find happiness in the minute things that life offers me; such as playing with a kid by the side of the road or even acting like a one. Doing childlike things like playing with bubbles and enjoying the moment in the midst of it all.
Happiness to me is receiving a text from the one you love the most, a text showing care and or maybe even a compliment that uplifts the rest of my day. You may find it to be unexceptional or run-of-the-mill, but receiving a message from a loved one brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with delight.
I find happiness amidst my friends. Be it the 4 A.M. talks or the random road trips/moments we shared, my friends are the fountainhead of my happiness. The memories that I made with my crazy group of friends manages to bring a smile on my face even in times of distress.
I find happiness in a Mother’s love.
Coming back home exhausted and being greeted by my mom at the door who is always worried about my well-being.
Then she asks ’Kuch khaya’? And when I say ’NO’, on she goes with the scolding and the reprimanding, and finally goes to the kitchen, brings food and feeds me with her own hands. This is what happiness is for me.
I do not find happiness in the materialistic things. Neither do I seek happiness in money, nor in fame. Happiness to me is receiving the love and the time of my loved ones. Happiness to me is when my best friend assures me during my repetitive moments of self-doubt by saying, ”Chal yaar jo hoga dekha jayega”. Such emotional support brings immense happiness to me.
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Landmark Designer Studio

The fashion industry is like an ever changing symphony of raw passion and intuition, transitioning from one trend to another. The transitions may be dynamic but the concept of “fashion” has been prevalent since time immemorial. From stylish pleats to the glamorous bling, the definition of fashion is often stated as ‘wear what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself’. We use fashion as a form of expression. We use it to represent our identity, our individuality. However, keeping up with the refining trends while making sure that you are accurately portraying your sense of style can be quite taxing, especially when you don’t want the immense desire to look good, burn a hole in your pocket.
I, however, have found a solution. The trick is to shop from local fashion houses, boutiques and even designer studios. Not only will their outfits turn out to be “in trend”, but they could also be customized to your own needs and standards.
One of my forever-favourite studios to shop from is the Landmark designer studio in Panchkula.


A recent purchase I made from them was this pastel peach shade western gown. The design is simple, yet sophisticated. One of the reasons why I often find myself at the Landmark designer studio, is that the attires can be made true to size, with provisions to ask for multiple alterations until it’s the perfect piece of clothing that you set out for.
Coming back to the cocktail dress/party gown I bought, it is a trendy piece with a wonderful floral lace detailing on the upper half. It is snug fit(around the waistline). One of the main reasons why I was inclined to buy this particular dress is the beautiful cold shoulder design it exhibits; very chic and aesthetically pleasing. The bottom half of the dress has a very silky flare to it. The various layers of fabric give the gown that extra bounce and adds to its aesthetic beauty.
All this exquisite detailing and heaps of elegance cost me somewhere around 5 grand. Being an avid/voracious shopper myself, with a frenzy for intricate dresses, I assure you that Landmark designer studio provides top-of-the-line women apparels in the best possible price.
My overall review for the dress and for the studio is that I will definitely be a recurring customer. Their services and products are unique, unprecedented and scream “par excellence”. With a price ranging from ‎₹2000 to ₹50,000, Landmark designer studios offers a wide variety of designs, fabrics, and ethnic wear for women of all body types. I will highly recommend anyone wanting to spend on western or ethnic wear, to definitely PAY THEM A VISIT. You will not be disappointed.
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YOGA: A Weapon for Personal Transformation, Success and Happiness.

Yoga is about conquering mental tranquillity and physical competence. It shows us how to live life with freedom, awareness, balance, grace and content. Yoga inclines us towards unity and selflessness. It helps us evolve naturally towards a more harmonious, wholesome and awakened state of mind. An unbalanced mind is the root cause of disappointment and sorrow, but when conquered, becomes the rationale behind true contentment. With simple exercises practised regularly, we can learn to relax and free our mind to transform ourselves and appreciate the subtle life experiences that otherwise go unnoticed.
Not only does “Yog” help us in evolving into better individual, but it also brings flexibility in our body. It helps us exude an aura of positivity, of relatability – with other individuals and with nature. People go to the gym and bury themselves beneath heavy workouts. They unnecessarily stress their bodies with strenuous work and often end up being disappointed by their slow growth. Yoga, on the other hand, will compel you to introspect yourself and be calm, composed, and fit; both physically and mentally.
Yoga imparts a certain insight, which in turn leads to wisdom and freedom; the very essence of the art.
One must experience this endlessly evolving process, for it cannot be apprehended without the consistent enactment. It brings the energy of inspiration and transforms it to the reality of action.